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Using Devotionals

Accessing Devotional resources in Logos Bible.

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Platform / Device

iPhone 3Gs (or newer) iPad

Operating System

iOS 5.1 (or higher)


Logos Bible 4.0+


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You can use the Logos Bible App to keep up with your daily devotionals on the go.

Selecting a Devotional

If you're on the Home Page already, you can quickly select a new devotional using the steps below:

  • From the Home Page, locate the "Todays Readings" section.
  • Tap the Add Item icon.
  • Choose "Devotional".
  • Select a daily devotional from the list.

Logos will track your devotional progress by placing a blue dot beside unread devotionals. To mark a devotion as read, or remove it from the homepage, swipe it to the left and choose "More" to mark as read/unread or tap "Remove" to stop tracking it on the home page.

Note: This only works for "daily" devotionals - devotionals with entries tied to a specific day of the year. You may have more devotionals in your Library which can be read on any schedule you choose.

Last Updated: 9/29/2014