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Getting Around in the App

The Logos Bible app has a lot to offer if you know where to find it. Let's discuss basic navigation through the app menus.

To access the menus at any time, press the Navigation Drawer icon in the top-left corner of the app.


The home page is the default starting point for the app. When you first open Logos Bible, the home page will appear and display your reading plans, devotionals, the Verse of the Day and important Logos news. You can return to it by pressing the "Home" button in the menu.


The Library is where you will find all of your Logos and Vyrso resources. It can be sorted by Title, Author, Rating or Recent (most recently viewed). You can also search your library for any specific title, author or type, similar to the Logos desktop software.

  • Title:Doctrine will list all books with "Doctrine" in the title.
  • Author:Luther shows all resources by Martin Luther, or any other author with "Luther" in their name.
  • Type:Bible displays all Bibles.
  • Lang:English limits the results to only English resources.
  • Series:New American Commentary lists all volumes of the New American Commentary series.

Tip: Many of these filters can be combined. Try Type:Bible AND Lang:English to see all English Bibles only.

You may need WiFi access to view some resources.


You can search your library from the Search menu. Enter your query at the top, then select Bible or Basic.

The Bible search type only searches the Biblical text, but Basic will search your entire library. Results can be narrowed by searching within collections. Tap the blue text below the search field to select a collection.


Tap on Read to jump to the resource view. Your last viewed resource(s) should appear automatically.

Note: You may need WiFi access to view some resources. If you receive a message "Unable to load resource", try reconnecting to your WiFi and restart the app.


Use the Documents menu to browse your Logos documents, like Notes, Highlights and Reading Plans. Any document you make in the Logos Bible app will appear here. Thanks to the sync function, any documents you might have made in the Logos desktop application or on other Logos mobile apps, will be available as well.

This sync process will also backup your documents in your account, in case you ever need to reinstall.

Courses (m.Ed)

If you're a Logos Mobile Ed student, the Courses menu will take you to your Logos Mobile Ed content. This content requires WiFi and will not appear if you're not enrolled in the Mobile Ed courseware.

More about Mobile Ed >>


Go to Guides to access the mobile versions of the Passage and Word Study Guides in the Logos mobile app.

You may recognize these guides from the Logos desktop application.

Passage Guide provides information about your passage, like Commentaries, Cross References, Parallel Passages, and more. The Bible Word Study expands on specific words, providing a Lexical definition, Word Wheel translation key and Example Uses (basic concordance).


Go to the Tools menu to adjust app settings. If you didn't sign into your account when you first opened the app, you can do that here. You can also sign into a Facebook account for social sharing on Facebook, set your Preferred Bible and your default highlight document.

Note: Changing your Preferred Bible affects which Bible opens when tapping a new Bible reference. If you already have a Bible open, it will not change that Bible. To change open Bibles, go to the Menu, tap the Library and select your desired Bible there (does not affect "Preferred Bible" setting).


Need help? This is the place to go. You'll find our knowledgebase here, a link to the forums, sharing and social options, app version and account info, etc.

If you're experiencing a problem with the app, please go here to report it. Tap the "Send Support Info" button and a pre-addressed email will open. Describe the issue and hit send. Diagnostic logs will be included automatically.

More information >>