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Social Sharing for Android

Sharing passages from the Logos Bible app.

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Platform / Device


Operating System

Android 2.3 (or higher)


Logos Bible 4.x


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Sharing from the Logos Bible app

You can use the Logos Bible app to share passages and excerpts with your social media networks, like Faithlife, Facebook and Twitter or by email.

Sharing by Verse

To quickly share a single verse from your open Bible:

  • Open your Bible to the verse you'd like to share.
  • Swipe down to reveal the app interface.
  • Tap the Share icon.
    If the Share icon isn't visible, tap the Action Overflow button first.
  • Select the desired verse from the list and select a Social Media outlet.
Sharing By Selection

To share multiple verses, only part of a verse, or any other excerpt from your library:

  • Tap and hold a word, until it is selected.
  • Drag the selection handles to select the entire passage as desired.
  • Choose "Share" from the context menu and select a Social Media outlet to share to.

Note: Available social media outlets may vary, according to what social media networks you subscribe to on your device. Additional app downloads may be necessary to access some networks.

Last Updated: 9/29/2014