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Using Linked Panels in Logos

Logos Bible supports up to two resource panels at a time. They can be controlled separately (default) or linked to follow each other whenever applicable, which is great for commentaries and study bible notes.

Opening a Second Panel
  • Locate the Panel Splitter Tab (gray semi-circle icon) in the corner of the screen.
  • Tap and drag the Panel Splitter Tab along the long edge of the screen.
  • Release the Panel Splitter Tab to split the interface.
  • (Optional) You can move the split at any time, by dragging the semi-circle again.
  • (Optional) To remove the second panel, drag the Panel Splitter Tab all the way back to the corner.

Note: Using the Faithlife Study Bible app? FSB is designed to work with two panels at all times. It will be split automatically and cannot be reduced to one panel.

Linking and Syncing Panels

Now that you have two panels, you might choose to link or sync them. Open the menu by tapping and holding the gray semi-circle that splits the panels, then choose one of the two options. To understand the difference, we've defined these terms below.

Link Panels - The "Link" setting can be toggled on or off. Linked panels follow each other, as long as both resources contain the same reference index (like bibles, commentaries and study notes, which all use bible references).

Sync Panels - Use the "Sync" option to catch up both panels to the last reference you entered or flipped to. This is a one-time function; if “Link Panels” is OFF, one panel will not follow the other if it moves again.

Changing Resources in Linked Panels

When working in two panels, you have the option to change out the resource in either panel:

  • Tap the panel you want to change.
  • Tap the Navigation Drawer button.
  • Choose the Library menu.
  • Select the desired resource.

Note: Logos Bible will always change the last active panel, so it's important to tap the panel you want to change before trying to change panels. You'll know a panel is active because it will show the reference bar and additional controls at the top.