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How to Create and Edit Notes

During your study, you may want to record a thought or comment on a particular passage. You can accomplish this with the Notes feature in the Logos Bible app and even attack your notes to a specific verse.

Tip: Did you know that you can access your Logos notes in any Logos application? Notes you make in the Logos Bible app will appear in the Logos desktop application for Windows or Mac and can be edited at either location (internet required).

Attach a Note to a Selection

  • To begin, open your Bible to a verse you'd like to annotate.
  • Long-press (tap and hold) a word to show the Context Menu.
  • Drag the blue selection handles to select your desired text.
  • Choose "Note" from the Context menu.

Notes created on a Selection can appear with a highlight, because they are attached directly to the text, but are only visible in the Bible they were created from.

Attach a Note to a Reference

  • To begin, open your Bible to a verse you'd like to annotate.
  • Long-press (tap and hold) a word to show the Context Menu.
  • Choose "Note".

Notes created on a Bible reference are attached to the same reference in all Bibles, but do not receive a highlight. To attach this note to a reference, toggle "Attach to Reference" in the Notes editor.

The Notes Editor: Customize Notes

The Notes Editor allows you to write & format your notes, give them a title, adjust their style, choose where they are saved and delete unwanted notes.

Private or Community?
Private notes are stored on your Logos account only. Community notes are uploaded to your Faithlife groups.

Note: Be sure to choose this before you begin to write your note. You can't change it later.

Attach to Reference
You can choose to attach your note to the reference with this toggle.

Note Title (optional)
Add a title to your note, if you like, to help you identify it later.

Rich Text Editor
The central area of the editor will allow you to write and format your note. Logos notes use our internal Rich Text Editor to optimize compatibility across all platforms.

Tip: Immediately available are Bold, Italics, Bullet List and Numbered Lists, but you can tap the 3 Dots icon for more options.

Choose a style for your note. You can pick different colors, indicators and highlighter styles. Remember: Notes attached to a reference will not have highlighter styles.

Logos Notes are stored in a Notes Document. To stay organized, be sure to select which document you'd like to store your notes in. You may want to create a New Notes Document specifically for mobile notes or for a particular topic or book of the Bible.

Done, Cancel & Delete
Finally, tap "Done" to finish your note, or "Cancel" to exit the editor without saving changes. If you are editing a previous note, the "Delete" option is also available here.