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Using Devotionals

Accessing Devotional resources in Logos Bible.

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Android 2.3 (or higher)


Logos Bible 4.x


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Creating a Devotional Reading Plan

Logos Bible uses Devotionals like Reading Plans, a type of document. They can be created from the Documents menu:

  • Open the Navigation Drawer button.
  • Choose Documents.
  • Tap the New Documents button.
  • Choose "New Reading Plan Document"
  • Select a Devotional preset (e.g. "Connect the Testaments") from the list.
  • (Optional) Tap "by myself" to select a Faithlife group to read with.
  • Tap the Generate Plan button to create the plan.

Accessing Devotional Reading Plans from the Home Page

Currently active devotional reading plans will appear on the home page. Tap the plan to view the next reading. Tap and hold the plan for additional options:

  • Remove - Remove from the app Home Page.
    Removed plans are still available in the Documents menu and in the Logos desktop software.
  • Delete - Delete the plan entirely.
  • Catch up - Mark all over-due readings as complete ("skip").
  • Adjust to today - Recalculate the plan from today's date.

Accessing Additional Plans

To access hidden or additional plans (not on the home page):

  • Open the Navigation Drawer button.
  • Choose Documents.
  • Select the desired plan.
  • Check a box to mark off a reading or tap the Bible reference to open the reading.
  • (Optional) Tap "by myself" to select a Faithlife group to read with.
Last Updated: 9/29/2014