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Getting Around in the App

When reading the Bible, Logos offers two main menus:

  • The Navigation menu gives you access to guides and other study aids. To access the Navigation menu, press the Navigation menu icon in the upper-left corner of the app.
  • The Action menu gives you a list of actions you can perform on the verse or passage you are studying. To access the Action menu, press the Action menu icon in the upper-right corner of the app.

In addition to the main menus, there are several additional navigation items to help you quickly access your key resources. Along the bottom of the app, you will find the following navigation items:

The home page displays your reading plans, devotionals, the Verse of the Day and important Logos news. You can access it by pressing the "Home" button.


The Library is where you will find all of your Logos and Vyrso resources. It can be sorted by Title, Author, Rating or Recent (most recently viewed).


  Tap on Bible to jump to your preferred Bible version from any screen in the app.

Tab View

Tap on Tab View to see, navigate, reorder, and close your open tabs. You can also open additional resources and link resources in this view.

Search and Navigation

The top of the app provides search and navigation assistance based on the resource you have open. Navigate to a specific Bible verse, see a resource’s table of contents, see your recent history or a list of your favorites.

Example searches you might perform on your library include:
  • Title:Doctrine will list all books with "Doctrine" in the title.
  • Author:Luther shows all resources by Martin Luther, or any other author with "Luther" in their name.
  • Type:Bible displays all Bibles.
  • Lang:English limits the results to only English resources.
  • Series:New American Commentary lists all volumes of the New American Commentary series.

Tip: Many of these filters can be combined. Try Type:Bible AND Lang:English to see all English Bibles only.

You may need WiFi access to view some resources.