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Training Articles: Original Languages

  • How to Use Verb Rivers
    Logos has introduced the concept of the Verb River to allow users to obtain a high-level picture of the distribution of various morphological properties across a given range of text. (more...)
  • How to study the original languages of the Bible using Strong’s numbers
    There are two English Bibles in the Logos collections that come coded with information about Greek and Hebrew, the languages in which the Bible was originally written. If you have not studied these languages but you would like to see information. (more...)
  • Greek KeyLinking: A Strategy
    Different packages of Logos Bible Software contain different configurations of Greek lexical material. Sometimes, users have problems in determining how to link to a specific resource in a given instance. (more...)
  • Hebrew KeyLinking: A Strategy
    KeyLinking strategies for Hebrew are rather different than those for Greek. The main reason for this is that there is far greater variety in the lexical forms used for Hebrew than those used for Greek. (more...)
  • Homograph Indicators
    Homographs are words that are spelled the same but have different meanings. Certain databases that contain morphological and lexical form analysis of the Bible in various ancient languages include codes to distinguish between homographs. (more...)
  • Vocabulary Lists and Flashcards
    Logos Bible Software version 3.0 introduced some new features to help students of the biblical languages learn new words more efficiently. (more...)
  • Hebrew Regular Expression Searching TutorialNew!
    This tutorial demonstrates how to create two real-life Hebrew regular expression searches. (more...)