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What's New in Logos 4.0d

What's New in Logos 4.0d

See below for a list of New Features and Bug Fixes in version 4.0d of Logos Bible Software 4. 

See also the detailed list of changes in Logos 4.0c, 4.0b, and 4.0a.

New Features

  • COM API implemented.
  • Copy location as ... (Ctrl+Alt+C) added to more panels. 
  • Export added for Clippings, Information, and Text Comparison tools.  


  • Drag and drop reordering is now available.

Command box

  • 'Scan DVD' command will display an option for all connected CD/DVD-ROM drives in which media is inserted (e.g., 'Scan D:\').

Passage Lists

  • Add from Clipboard is now available.

Resource Panel

  • Text size preference is now saved in layout by panel, not resource.


  • Additional Morph Search fields available.
  • Improved Morph Searching.
  • Improved Syntax search query template display by adding the template title (e.g., "English Verb (Andersen-Forbes)") above the input box. 
  • Results 'By Book' are now expandable/collapsible in Basic search panel.
  • Verses, Aligned, and Analysis views are now available for non-Bibles (such as "The Works of Philo: Greek Text with Morphology") in Morph search results. (Note: This will require a full reindex of your library.)

Bug Fixes

  • Bible Word Study
    • Fixed hangs when clicking translation graph for a frequent word by a) optimizing the display, and b) reducing the default number of hits that are shown. 
    • Fixed Preposition Use graph to display correct hotspot for preposition "?" ("in").
    • Grammatical Relationships setting change to "Verses" will now be saved.
    • Lemma is now displayed in correct form when hovering over preposition in Preposition Use section. 
    • Rich text in Septuagint Translation section has been optimized. 
    • Textual Searches section will launch Morph search on results for Bibles and non-Bibles (using the "content-verse" document level), with result text changed from 'articles' to 'verses'.
    • Translation section will now generate results on a word from the NA27 w/GRAMCORD.
    • When using the "Send searches here" option, a search run from the Textual Searches section will clear the existing settings as appropriate.
  • Biblical People
    • Current person is now highlighted when switching diagrams.
  • Clause Visualizer
    • Fixed bug that prevented correct navigation in "The Hebrew Bible: Andersen-Forbes Phrase Marker Analysis (0.90)."
  • Clippings
    • Fixed bug that prevented the "Add a clipping to ..." context menu option from working with a resource with a hyphen in its ID (e.g., LLS:AWP-ANTH).
  • Collections
    • Fixed bug that caused the Open Collection drop-down list to shake when clicked. 
    • View state is persisted after closing and reopening panel.
  • Compare Pericopes
    • Fixed bug that caused the last verse to get clipped with screen resolution at 1280x800. 
  • Copy Bible Verses
    • Default Font is now preserved with Copy and Paste of Hebrew text.
    • Fixed crash (InvalidOperationException) that could occur when opening CBV while working in a layout.
    • Only the top line of an interlinear Bible is copied (default top line), rather than multiple lines that run together. Manual copy and paste will still bring over lines currently enabled in resource.
  • Exegetical Guide
    • Fixed crash (InvalidOperationException) that could occur when running an Exegetical Guide on Ezekiel 36.
    • "Include only these parts of speech" radio button, in Exegetical Guide Word by Word section, is automatically selected when a 'parts of speech' box is checked. 
  • Favorites
    • Items can now be dropped any place in the Favorites panel rather than just after the last entry. An insertion line is visible at the drop point. 
  • Graph Bible Search Results
    • Last used chart is remembered, rather than defaulting to 'Bar Chart'.
    • Percentages are now rounded rather than having multiple decimal places. 
    • Two statistical category names have been corrected: "Number of Verses with Hits in Chapter / Number of Verses in Chapter" and "Number of Verses with Hits in Book / Number of Verses in Book." 
  • Highlighting
    • Fixed bug that prevented pre-defined styles from being applied when Spanish UI in Logos 4 was enabled.
    • It is no longer possible to delete a style by executing Undo. Now Undo will only restore a deleted palette/style, and redo will re-delete them.
    • With text selected in a resource display, but with a note text box focused, Ctrl+K no longer applies a highlight in the resource. It focuses the hyperlink box, as expected.
  • Home Page
    • Fixed bug that could cause Content preferences to be overwritten after they were modified on one computer and Logos 4 was opened to home page on second computer where Content preferences had not been changed.
    • Fixed bug that caused the Lectionary hover popup to always display the Revised Common Lectionary (when hovering over the date and season) or the Catholic Lectionary (when hovering over the title of the day), even though the prioritized Lectionary was displayed correctly on the ribbon.
  • Indexing
    • Merging has been reintegrated. 
  • Passage Guide
    •  "Interesting Words" for Greek and Hebrew in Passage Guide are now based on lemmas. 
  • Passage Lists
    • LDLS 2 verse lists can now be directly imported into Logos 4 without opening in LDLS 3 first.
    • Passage Lists generated from a search of All Bibles will use the top three Bibles in priority order.
  • Prayer List
    • When hovering over Prayer Name, Notes, or Answer in Prayer List document, the tooltip will now display for up to an hour. This is also true for prayers viewed on the Home Page ribbon. 
  • Program Settings
    • Program Scaling help (?) tooltip was updated with current information.
  • Reading Plan
    • Fixed bug that caused the 'day of the week' and 'finishing' settings to become deselected, resulting in an empty reading plan.
    • Fixed bug that caused the Stop Reading and Keep Reading markers to be displayed in the middle of the last verse of a Psalms chapter. 
    • Fixed bug that caused the Stop Reading and Keep Reading markers to be displayed before the beginning or end of a page in a non-Bible resource. (To confirm, enable 'Show page numbers' visual filter.)
    • Optimized the reading plan tool on the home page ribbon, resulting in a faster-loading home page.
  • Resource Panel
    • Fixed bug that caused Visual Filter drop-down to scroll back up to top of list after scrolling down to select/deselect a filter.
    • Fixed bug that caused the Table of Contents in the "The Apologetics Study Bible" to scroll back up to the main section header after expanding a subsection.
    • Fixed bug that could cause some citation style previews, on information panel, to be static, when panel was wide enough to display citation styles inline, rather than as drop-down list.
    • Fixed crash (AccessViolationException) that could occur when clicking a URL in a footnote popup.
    • Fixed crash (ArgumentException) when selecting a parallel resource from PRS drop-down which does not contain the current reference.
    • Hebrew vowels are no longer clipped on Locator Bar.
    • "Search this resource" is no longer available from a Bible's context menu when non-Bible text (e.g., a pericope) is selected. 
  • Resources
    • Default font change is applied to Transliterated and Morphology display lines in reverse interlinear Bibles immediately (as with Surface text), no longer requiring a refresh. 
    • Fixed bug that caused footnote text to be copied and pasted incorrectly when pasted as Plain Text.
    • Fixed bug that caused a resource, opened from a parallel resource set, to reflect the Indexes of the previous resource.
    • Tables and text no longer overlap. (Exceptions include "You Can Understand the Bible Seminar," which needs to be rebuilt.) 
  • Rich Text Editor
    • Added tooltip when hovering over hyperlink that shows the destination of hyperlink and the instruction to execute the link (Ctrl+Click to follow link). 
    • Font color is not currently supported, so colored text copied from a word processor will not include that color when pasted into rich text editor.
    • Font colors (such as red letter Words of Christ) will be removed from copied resource text. This will be revisited later.
    • Fixed crash (XamlParseException) when pasting resource text into a note (e.g., Amos 4:11-5:17 in LLS:29.35.1). 
    • Hyperlinks to Search panel now work as expected in rich text editor.
    • Passage references in text copied from a web page and pasted into a note are now auto-detected when a URL is pasted first above the text.
    • Paste option is available again on the context menu when Hyperlink box is right-clicked in Notes and Clippings.
  • Search
    • Fixed bug that caused bullets, indicating a hit in non-surface text (e.g., lemma, morph) to be included in search results. 
    • Fixed crash (ArgumentNullException) when searching if no valid index existed. 
    • Fixed crash (ArgumentNullException) when searching Open Resources with no resources open.
    • Fixed crash (InvalidOperationException) when running a Basic search of Entire Library for the phrase "later Mishnah."
  • Search panel
    • Analysis results for LogosLXX morph search separates Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic Lemmas, as well as parts of speech by morphology. 
    • Apostolic Fathers data type now supports Book/Chapter/Verse, allowing correct book/chapter/verse splitting in search results. 
    • Choosing a Bible version from the resource selector drop-down is much faster now. Top Bibles, All Bibles, and Open Bibles are available right away. 
    • Clicking My Content result in Basic search now jumps to result in Clippings, Notes, and Prayer List documents. 
    • Fixed bug that caused the "All Text" range to be empty after choosing style to search, closing search panel, and deleting that style.
    • Fixed bug that caused a resource to be listed twice under Open Resources on the resource selector drop-down when resource was opened in two tabs. 
    •  Fixed crash (ArgumentOutOfRangeException) that could occur when decreasing size of search panel, or dragging right-most tab in a 3-panel layout to left side of screen.
    • Fixed crash (InvalidOperationException) that could occur when switching between Search panels with Analysis view active.
    • Last used syntax database is remembered in Syntax search.
    • Morph search results are no longer truncated for "The Iliad in Greek."
    • Passage List saved from non-Bible Morph search will now be filled with all the references from the search. 
    • Pressing Enter key after entering search term will now start search in Syntax Search panel.
    • Resource column in Analysis view now uses abbreviated resource titles.
    • Search fields are now updated when switching between search types.
  • Self Tests tool
    • Course averages will now be updated when a test's answers are cleared. 
  • Synchronization
    • Fixed bug that caused constant synchronization due to Disabled state of visual filter.
  • Syntax Search document
    • Fixed cropping of "Add search terms here" text in Syntax Search Document when font scaling is greater than 100%. 
    • Fixed vertical clipping of "Templates"/"Previous searches" content in Syntax Search Document. 
    • Last used syntax database is remembered in document. 
    • Text language under Segment Specifics no longer defaults to "Either" when switching between search terms. 
Last Updated: 4/24/2014