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What's New in Logos 4.0a

See below for a list of New Features and Bug Fixes in version 4.0a of Logos Bible Software 4.

New Features

  • Alt+P opens or closes the Help menu
  • Analysis view in Bible and Morph Searches provides a spreadsheet-type view of all the data associated with the search results 
  • Bible Text Only visual filter -- enable/disable using the Visual Filters button on the toolbar of any Bible
  • Bible Word Study sections with a ring graph have added hit counts in Concordance results
  • Biblical Places maps -- Ctrl+Drag distance calculation has been restyled
  • Cited By tool is redesigned
  • Commentary Collections, user-defined, can be searched in Passage and Exegetical Guides
  • Ctrl+Alt+B opens Copy Bible Verses (CBV) into a floating window from any Windows application
  • Ctrl+H opens the History panel
  • Ctrl+Shift+R shows or hides the Interlinear pane in Reverse Interlinear Bibles
  • F9 to explain, audibly and visually, what's on the screen (or access from Help menu > Explain the screen)
  • Handouts -- two new styles
  • Highlighting -- more choices
  • Home Page ribbon -- Features can be customized 
  • Important Words and Topics in Passage Guide have a new look
  • Improved performance in many areas of the application
  • Index Merging reduces the time it takes to build a full library index when adding new books
  • Merge index command to force index merging (when possible)
  • My Content in Search includes results from saved guides
  • Reading Lists searches include a new searching indicator
  • Reading Plan -- added Copy option to Reference Range context menu to allow copy and paste of a previously-entered range
  • Rebuild index command
  • Resource Panel Background program setting can be changed to four non-white colors, or the Windows Default
  • Visual Bookmarks program setting to show or hide bookmarks on resource panel scrollbar

Major Bug Fixes

  • Bible Word Study guides are case-insensitive
  • Clippings bibliographic citation uses the default format from Program Settings
  • Copy Bible Verses supports copying multiple verses
  • Explorer (previously "Bible Explorer") remembers closed sections
  • Hebrew untransliteration supports standard punctuation (e.g., apostrophe for aleph)
  • Morph chooser allows a single part of speech to be selected
  • Notes Default Text Size is properly applied to new notes
  • Syntactically Analyzed Greek New Testament: Clause Analysis shows glossary tooltips for nodes
  • Parallel resource navigation wraps around from the end of the list to the beginning
  • Set custom chrome to no command works around problems with window resizing or black title bars