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Updating Libronix DLS from a Zip File

Some users prefer to update from a zip file. This can be useful when updating two computers, or to help a friend or family member who has a slower Internet connection. It may also be helpful for users with sensitive Internet connections whose web update seems to "stall" while downloading.

Please note that the zip file is not dynamically generated in the same way as the streaming update, so it is less efficient. It may include components that you may not need (such as interface files in other languages) but lack other large files that you may need (such as syntax databases). Therefore, it is recommended that you still run Tools | Libronix Update after updating from the zip file.

Rather than downloading the zip file, you might consider ordering upgrade discs, which contain the latest versions of all components and many resources.

Instructions for using the zip file

  • Download the 3.0g zip file: (142 MB).
  • After updating from the zip file, click Tools | Libronix Update to check for updates to optional components and resources not included in the zip file.

To use the zip file, save it to your hard disk, extract its contents to a folder then run the Setup.exe in that folder. If you don't yet have Libronix Update installed, the zip file will install it first, then launch it. Libronix Update will skip the download step, installing files from the extracted folders instead.

If you'd like to make a CD-ROM for installing or updating another computer, burn all the files and folders in the extracted image onto the CD, with the Setup folder, the Setup.exe, the AutoRun.inf and the Volume.xml files in the root folder of the CD.

In most cases, updating from the Internet via Tools | Libronix Update will result in a significantly smaller download than downloading the zip file, as Libronix Update will only download new components or components that have changed since your last update. The zip file also contains User Interface files for other languages which you might not otherwise download, as well as files that aren't relevant to your installation.

To keep the size of the zip file down, the zip file does not contain Internet Explorer. If you do not have IE 6 installed, running Setup.exe from the zip file will fail. You can download IE 6 here.

The Internet download includes updates to a number of resources and some components that aren't included in the zip file. After installing from a zip file, you should click Tools | Libronix Update in order to ensure that you have all available updates.

Note for Libronix DLS 1.x Users

You can identify your Libronix DLS version by clicking Help | About inside the Libronix DLS.

Before Libronix Update can update your Libronix DLS 1.x installation, it must first update itself and then restart the computer. After the restart, Update should run again automatically to finish the update. If you have a pre-2.0 version of the Libronix DLS, Libronix Update will restart your system twice, once to install the 2.0 system components and once to install the 3.0f system components.

If you try to run the LDLS before Update runs the second time, the LDLS will fail to run since the update is incomplete. You will instead get an error dialog with the title bar text, "LDLS.exe - Unable to Locate Component" and the text, "This application has failed to start because MSVCP70.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." If Update fails to launch after the system restart or you get this error message, run Update again by clicking Tools | Libronix Update.