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Windows Vista and Logos Bible Software 3/Libronix

Windows Vista is Microsoft's new operating system, released at the end of January 2007.

The latest, shipping version of Logos Bible Software is Logos 4, but for customers running Libronix 3.0g runs great under Windows Vista and Windows 7! We've worked hard to ensure compatibility with the latest Windows operating system to ensure a smooth transition for you! 

Please note: Logos Bible Software must be updated to version 3.0g or greater in order to run optimally on Windows Vista.

Which Version Do I Have Installed?

Open Libronix DLS and click Help | About Libronix DLS to see which version you currently have installed. (Need Help with This?)

Which Version is on This Disc?

You can easily identify which version of a Logos Bible Software base product you are installing by locating the version number on the Installation Disc.

If the version number is 3.0d or earlier, be sure to check out this support article.



Special Freebie* for Libronix Windows Vista or XP Users!

If you want to check out a cool app. for Windows Vista that we released as shareware, take a look at

NoteScraps is a random information manager for Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows XP. NoteScraps is a place to store and find all the random notes that you will never remember and may never need until a time when you are desperate.

*Free to try for as long as you like, limited to 10 notes. $20 for unlimited use.