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Libronix DLS Post Update Problems


  • The Libronix logo stays on screen when attempting to open.  
  • The main Libronix tool bar is missing (File - Edit – View, etc.). 


There are three possible solutions; try them in the following order: 

Check to see if Libronix is running in Compatibility mode. 

Right-click on the Libronix DLS shortcut on the desktop and choose Properties from the menu.  Now click on the Compatibility tab and make sure both the box “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and the box "Display Settings" are all UNCHECKED.  Click OK. Now try Libronix; if that did not fix the problem, close Libronix and try Solution 2.

Delete Temporary Internet files.

You can do this through Start | Control Panel | Internet Options. On the General tab you will see the section Temporary Internet Files.  Click on the Delete Files button, if there is a checkbox for deleting all offline content, select that and click OK. Click OK when complete. Test Libronix again; if it is still not working correctly, close Libronix and go to Solution 3.

Rename User Preferences folder.

  • Open My Computer ('Computer' in Vista) and browse to C:\Documents and Settings\username/Application Data/Libronix LS/Library (C:\Users/username/AppData/Libronix DLS/Library).
    • If the Application Data (AppData) folder is not visible, click on Tools | Folder Options (Organize | Folder and Search Options). Click the View tab and in the Advanced Settings window, select Show hidden files and folders. Click OK.
  • Right-click on the Preferences folder and choose Rename from the menu. A text box will open to edit the folder name. Press the Home key and type Old in front of the Preferences. The new name should be OldPreferences. Leave this window open.
  • Try to open Libronix to see if the problem is resolved. If it isn't, delete the new Preferences folder and rename OldPreferences back to Preferences.

Contact Logos Technical Support at or by phone at (800) 875-6467 if you need more assistance.