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Unlocking eBooks without Downloading


How can I unlock eBooks from without having to download the files?


If you're on a dial-up Internet connection or would prefer not to download eBook files for whatever reason, you may be able copy the files from discs you already own. Most Libronix discs contain additional, locked book files for your convenience.

  • Open Libronix and click the My Library button. In My Library, open the eBook(s) you just purchased (if there's more than one, you may want to check the Keep Open checkbox).
  • The resource window for each eBook will say "Resource Unavailable" at the top. Below that will be listed any discs that hold the file for that eBook.
    • If there's no disc listed, then you will have to download the book file from that eBook's webpage.
  • Insert the disc listed and use Tools | Library Management | Location Manager to copy the book file(s) to your hard drive. (For help with this step, consult the article "Copying Books to the Hard Drive".)

To shop for new eBooks and unlock collections only among titles for which you have files on disc, use Tools | Unlock Resources inside Libronix rather than the website.