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Error with Tools | Libronix Update

When running Tools | Libronix Update, you may see the following error dialog: Error with Tools | Libronix Update

If this error occurs, use the following procedue to update your system:

  1. Shut down the Libronix Digital Library System.
  2. Follow the instructions on the Update Libronix DLS page and update your system by launching the update from that page.

If problems still occur, reboot your system (to ensure no Libronix DLS components are still in use) and repeat the above procedure.

Windows Vista

If you are running Windows Vista, you must be an administrative user on the system in order to run Libronix Update and install new files. If you are not an administrator, someone who is an administrator must run Libronix Update for you.

For more information on other Windows Vista issues, see our Vista support page.