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Power Tools Addin and Tabs

One of the best free features of the Libronix Digital Library System is the Power Tools Addin.

This article will tell you how to install the addin, which includes Stacked Window Tabs and the Quick Navigation box.

What is a Stacked Window Tab?

The Stacked Window Tabs feature (Tools | Options | Power Tools | Stacked Window Tabs) causes stacked windows to display buttons that show you the titles of the windows that are hidden, as well as providing an easy way to switch among them. Click on the thumbnail below to view some stacked window tabs. In this example, the Libronix user has opened both the King James Version and the KJV Bible Commentary. The Stacking Window Tabs show what is behind the active window. In this case, the KJV Bible Commentary is active and the King James Bible is behind it. Clicking on the "KJV" tab would make the King James Bible active and the KJV Bible Commentary would fall behind the KJV.

What is the Quick Navigation Box?

The Quick Navigate toolbar allows you to quickly go to a particular resource or data type reference without opening My Library or any other dialog. Example: Click in the Quick Navigate box, then type KJV and hit Enter to jump directly to the King James Version.

How to Get the Addin

The Power Tools Addin is available free for download at any time. To install it, connect to the Internet, open Libronix and click Tools | Libronix Update.

When Libronix Update opens, click the arrow next to Optional and select User Interface - English (United States) (en) to select the Power Tools Addin and other optional addins. Then click "Update". If Power Tools is not listed under Optional, either under your language User Interface or by itself, close Libronix and click here to run the Missing Addins autoupdate script.

The Power Tools Addin includes much more than just these two features. For more information about this addin Click Here.