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Exegetical Guide and Lemma Report are extremely slow after installing the Theological Journals


If you have installed the Theological Journals Library and you attempt to generate an Exegetical Guide or a Lemma Report, these will take a very long time to complete.  This is because some of the journals have Greek topics in them, which makes them a valid keylink destination for Greek.  Searching the entire text of the Journals slows down the reports.


Remove the journals from the list of resources that the Exegetical Guide and the Lemma Report search.

  • In Libronix go to Tools | Options | KeyLink
  • In the Data Type drop-down menu choose “Greek”
    Under Default Order of Resources and Actions uncheck all the Theological Journals. 
  • Tip: Since there are so many journals, you can select “Clear All” which will uncheck all the boxes, and then check the Greek resources you want. 
  • Now click Close, and the reports will generate faster. 

If you do want to search the journals, you can check them all again.

Note:  The Theological Journals are supported by Galaxie Software.  If you have questions specific to the journals, please contact them at