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Libronix Resources are Missing or Not Discovered


  • Resources are missing from My Library that have already been copied to the hard drive.
  • Libronix does not load the books for a newly installed product.
  • Location Manager generates the same list of resources again and again.
  • Libronix will not stop 'Discovering Resources'.

These problems may have one or two possible causes. Try Solution 1 below first. If this does not solve the problem, continue with Solution 2.

Solution 1:

For a 'Product Activation' and 'Unlock' Issue:

  • Make sure that all the licenses for your products are installed on the computer with this problem.
    • Click on Tools | Library Management | Account Summary.
    • Under Product Activations, you will find Libronix products that came on CD/DVD-ROM and have a serial number. 
    • Under Unlocks, you will find resources that were downloaded from our website will be listed.
    • If you own Logos Library System (LLS) resources, they would be listed under Unlocks. If LLS is installed, make sure its resources are available in the older program.
  • If some or all of your licenses are missing:
    • Confirm that the Customer ID and Confirmation Code are correct. You will find those in the Account Summary dialog window or under Help | About Libronix DLS.
    • If you are connected to the Internet, close Account Summary and click on Tools | Library Management | Synchronize Licenses to download your licenses directly from our server.
    • If you cannot synchronize licenses, or if the product has not been activated, insert the product installation CD or DVD and run Setup.exe from that disc to install the license.
      • If the product contains an 'embedded' serial number, you will not be prompted to enter the number, however, you will be prompted to activate the product.

Solution 2:

For a problem with 'System Cache' (resource list), 'Discovering Resources' and 'Location Manager':

  1. Remove DVD or CD from drive. 
  2. In Libronix click on Tools | Options | General.
  3. Click on Resource Paths in the Options window. The default path is C:\Program Files\Libronix DLS\Resources or C:\Program Files(x86)\Libronix DLS\Resources if using a 64-bit OS.
    1. If you have the older Logos Library System (LLS) installed, these paths may also be listed: C:\Logos20\Books, C:\Lrsystem, and C:\Logos20.
    2.  If either of the following paths are listed: C:\ or X:\Books (where X is your CD/DVD drive), select the path and click on Remove.
  4. Click on Refresh Resources, click OK, and close Libronix.
  5. Restart the computer.
  6. Open Libronix and watch for the words Discovering Resources on the gray bar in the lower-right corner (above clock on Windows taskbar). This may take several minutes depending on the amount of resources and speed of computer.
  7. When Discovering Resources goes away, check My Library for the missing resources. If they are still not available, clean any fingerprints and smudges on the underside of the DVD or CD, then insert the disc in the drive. Watch again for the words Discovering Resources in the lower-right corner.  (This process can take 10-20 minutes with the DVD.)
  8. Watch for a Tip window referring you to Location Manager when Discovering Resources disappears, or go to Tools | Library Management | Location Manager (version 2.1d or earlier--go to Tools | System Tools | Location Manager).
  9. As you wait for the list of unlocked book titles to be generated in the lower part of the Location Manager window, verify that List Resources is set to Unlocked on Removable Media and Destination is C:\Program Files\Libronix DLS\Resources or C:\Program Files(x86)\Libronix DLS\Resources (this will be different if you installed Libronix to an alternate location or moved Resources to a different drive).
  10. Click on Copy Resources.  When the progress bar has gone all the way across, the same list may be generated again temporarily as Location Manager searches the disc one more time to make sure it copied all the unlocked resources.  When it is finished the message All unlocked resources have been copied to your hard drive will appear (version 2.1d or earlier will say 'No resources matching the criteria were found').
  11. Close Location Manager, remove the disc and insert the next disc, if applicable, repeating steps 7-11.

If the CD or DVD seems to lock up the program, or if you cannot view the files on the disc in My Computer or Windows Explorer, please call Customer Support at (800) 875-6467 for assistance.

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