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How do I move my Libronix library to a new computer?

The Libronix DLS is licensed to one user. You may install it on both your desktop and notebook computers, or on your home and office computers, if you are the primary user of the software on each system.

Follow these steps to install your Libronix library to a new computer:

  1. Make sure you have a backup of your licenses so that you do not have to re-enter all your codes. In your old computer go to Tools | Library Management | Backup Licenses in Libronix and save the license file to a floppy disk. If you do not have a floppy drive on one of the computers, you can save the file to your C:\ drive and transfer it to the new computer via email, CD-R, USB pen or any other media.
  2. On the new or second computer, insert your newest Libronix installation disc and follow the prompts to install. If your new computer has Windows Vista, first visit our Vista page for more install information.
  3. Open Libronix and go to Tools | Library Management | Restore Licenses. Browse to your Libronix Licenses Backup file to restore your licenses. 
  4. Copy the unlocked resources on each disc through Tools | Library Management | Location Manager, starting with the newest discs first. If your computers are networked, you can copy the books directly from and to the folder C:\Program Files\Libronix DLS\Resources or C:\Program Files(x86)\Libronix DLS\Resources if you are using a 64-bit OS.

Follow these steps to back up your Libronix User Documents and User Preferences:

  1. User Documents: Open My Computer and navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\your username\My Documents or C:\Users\your username\Documents in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Save the Libronix DLS folder located there. This folder contains documents you created, such as Workspaces, Prayer Lists, Bible Reading Plans, etc.  Place the saved folder into My Documents on the new computer.
  2. User Preferences:  Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\your username\Application Data* or C:\Users\your username\AppData\RoamingDocuments in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Save the Libronix DLS folder located there. This folder contains user preferences such as Home Page settings, Preferred Bible, KeyLink Options, etc.  *(If the Application Data folder is hidden, click on Tools > Folder Options > View. Scroll down in Advanced settings, select "Show hidden files and folders" and click OK.)  Place the saved folder in the same location on the new computer.
  3. If either computer has Windows Vista installed, you will find the correct Libronix locations here.

If you have Logos Library System (LLS) books:

If you have LLS installed on the old computer, Libronix will have incorporated your LLS licenses into the Libronix Licenses Backup file. Restoring the Libronix licenses will also restore your Logos licenses.

To ensure that you have the latest versions of the book files on your new computer, copy books starting with your newest Libronix CDs first. Then copy books from your LLS CDs. If there is a new version of an LLS book on your Libronix CDs, Libronix will automatically prefer it and will not offer to copy the old book file.

Uninstalling from your old computer

The Libronix End User License Agreement allows you to have Libronix installed on two different computers if you are the principal user. If you need to uninstall Libronix from your old computer, use the Add or Remove Programs tool in the Windows Control Panel (Start | Control Panel). Then delete the folder C:\Program Files\Libronix DLS.

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