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Missing home page features

Missing home page features


There are missing features on my Home Page.


  • You can add and remove the content that is displayed on your home page. Enter the editing mode by clicking Customize View in the upper-right corner of the window (for version 2.0 and later, or on Edit at right end of any of the blue separator bars for earlier versions and some third-party home pages). In this mode you can check or uncheck features. If you are missing something, the first thing you should do is make sure that the missing feature is turned on (checked).  When you are finished click Save Changes or Done.
  • If features in the Bible Study Starter are not working, remember that some of these features are resource dependent, meaning that if Libronix does not have access to certain books, the features will not work. Be sure to copy all your unlocked resources to your hard drive. If you think some are missing, see Libronix Resources are Missing or Not Discovered. In the case of Study Topic, you may not own the resources required for this feature. For instance, the Original Languages Library does not include the resources needed for Study Topic. However, the Topic Browser feature on the Go menu will be available to use.

    In the case of versions 1.0 and 1.1, a common oversight is to load books from all Libronix CDs except from Disc A on the assumption that this is only the installation disc.  However, disc A has most of the Bibles on it and without them none of the Bible Study Starter features will work. Here are instructions for loading books from a CD:
  1. Disable anti-virus software if it is running.
  2. Insert Disc A and watch for the words Discovering Resources to appear in the lower-right corner (above clock on Windows taskbar).
  3. When Discovering Resources goes away and a Tip Window appears, click the link to open Location Manager, or click on Tools Library Management | Location Manager.
  4. Select Unlocked on Removable Media from the List Resources drop down list.
  5. Verify the Destination: C:\Program Files\Libronix DLS\Resources (or your preferred location).
  6. Deselect any resources you prefer not to copy to your hard drive (all resources are selected by default, unless a newer version is already on your hard drive).
  7. Click on Copy Resources. When the copy process is complete, the message "All unlocked resources have been copied to your hard drive" will appear. Close Location Manager and the tip window.
  8. Repeat this process as necessary with the remaining discs. Note that some of the CDs may not contain unlocked resources, depending on which Logos Bible Software collection you purchased.
  • Sometimes the Home page simply needs to be refreshed. You can do this by making it active (click in it anywhere) and then pressing the F5 key.  That failing, go to ToolsOptions | General | Resource Paths | Refresh Resources | OK.  Close Libronix, wait a few seconds, then restart it.
Last Updated: 4/20/2012