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Missing dll files after attempting an update

Missing dll files after attempting an update


Libronix is missing .dll files during an update or reinstallation. This usually occurs with the following files:

  • icuin21.dll, icuin24.dll
  • icuin34.dll, icuin36.dll 
  • msvcp70.dll, msvcp71.dll 
  • stl45.dll, stl46.dll 
  • stl400.dll

When Libronix reports that these files are missing it is because an update or reinstallation has not completed. Often this is because a reboot was required before the update could continue, but upon rebooting the computer was not able to connect to the Internet to complete the task.


To fix this problem, click on the link below to reinitiate the update.


You may receive a Libsys.exe error early on in the update process. If so, simply click OK and continue the update. When the message: "Update is complete. Click Close to finish." comes up, click Close, and open Libronix. It should now function properly.

See also:

If you are not able to reinitiate the update, the installation has been damaged beyond repair. Follow the special uninstall instructions to remove the damaged installation, and then reinstall the latest version from the web as instructed.

Special Uninstall and Reinstall Instructions

Last Updated: 4/20/2012