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Missing Addins


Addins that have already been purchased are missing or certain addins are not listed in Tools | Unlock Resources for unlocking.


The files needed for the addins are not installed to your computer. If you have a Logos Bible Software 3 Installation CD or DVD, insert the disc and run Setup.exe to install missing addins and data files. This step would be necessary if you installed the latest version from our website first. If the installation disc contains a previous version, you will be prompted to Update from the Internet to install the latest versions of those files.

If you do not have your Installation disc, close Libronix and click the following link to install the addins listed under Recommended and Optional below. (This process will not install the Biblical People, Lectionary, Pronounce Original Language, Remote Library Search, or Syntax Tools Addins or Data Files.)

  • If you do not have the latest version of the software, your software will be updated and the addins will be loaded. 
  • If you have the latest version, the update will simply offer to download the missing addins. 

Make any relevant selections.  You can open and close different sections by clicking on the blue triangles and select or unselect different components with the checkboxes. Click Update when you've made all your selections.  Once this update is finished you will be able to unlock the addins through Tools | Unlock Resources.  If they are already unlocked, the addins will be ready to use in Libronix.

This process will make available the following Logos Addins:

Required (will be installed):
Libronix Digital Library System

Recommended (will be installed unless unchecked):
Bible Analysis Addin
Bible Puzzles Addin
Biblical Languages Addin
Compare Parallel Bible Versions
Original Language Addin
Personal Bible Study Tools
Personal Book Builder
Sentence Diagramming Addin
Sermon File Addin
Timeline Addin

Optional (will not be installed unless checked):
Dictionary Lookup
Graphical Query Editor Addin
Logos Bible Software Addin
Power Tools Addin

You can also unlock and download addins from our web site when they do not appear in Tools | Unlock Resources. Go to the Addin listing, choose the addin(s) you would like to purchase and follow the steps listed on the Addin description page.

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