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Resources Are Locked After Installing Libronix


Libronix is installed on a new computer, or it is reinstalled after a hard drive crash, and now previously unlocked resources appear locked in My Library.


There are three possible causes for this problem:

  1. Your products need to be activated.
  2. You activated as a New User rather than an Existing User.
  3. Your licenses need to be synchronized with your Libronix account on our server.

1.  Use the Account Manager to activate your products:

  • Click on Tools | Account Management.
  • At the Welcome screen choose Existing User and click Next.
  • If you have a current Libronix Licenses Backup file, insert the media containing the file, choose From a Backup, and click Next. If you do not have a backup license file, choose Enter Codes and click Next.
  • Enter your Customer ID and Confirmation Code; click Next twice.
  • Connect to the Internet, if you aren't already, then click Next to Synchronize Licenses.
  • Click Close when complete.

2.  Use Account Summary to verify your Customer ID and Confirmation Code.

  • Click on Tools | Library Management | Account Summary.
  • Confirm that the Customer ID and Confirmation Code on the new computer are the same as the codes on your old computer, or the same codes you received when you registered your first Libronix product. You can also verify your codes with Customer Support. If your codes do not match, call or email Customer Support. If they match, close Account Summary and proceed to Solution 3.

3.  Synchronize your Licenses.

  • Click on Tools | Library Management | Synchronize Licenses (Requires Internet connection.)
  • Click Next to allow your computer to synchronize with the Libronix server. Click Close when prompted.

If your resources are still locked after trying these solutions, please call or email Customer Support at (800) 875-6467 or Do not uninstall Libronix to fix this problem unless directed to do so by a Customer Support Representative.

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