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Line 2958 (HomePageLBS.html) Error When Libronix Opens


When you start Libronix DLS and open the Logos Bible Software Home Page, you see the following error:

Line 2958 (HomePageLBS.html): Can't move focus to the control because it is invisible,
not enabled, or of a type that does not accept the focus.

This problem is caused by the Bible Study Starter section being collapsed when the home page is opened. It only occurs in LDLS 2.1c and has been fixed in version 3.0 which can be downloaded here.



  • Leave the Bible Study Starter section expanded when you close the home page (click the color bar at the top of the section to expand it), or
  • Remove the Bible Study Starter section from the home page if you don't want to see it. Click Customize in the upper-right, then uncheck the Bible Study Starter section.