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Error Line 2604 while Synchronizing Licenses


In Libronix DLS version 3.0, while synchronizing licenses, any of the following errors occur:


Line 2561 (AccountManagement.html): Interface not registered
Line 2604 (AccountManagement.html): Interface not registered
Line 2663 (AccountManagement.html): Interface not registered
Line 2698 (AccountManagement.html): Interface not registered
Line 2818 (AccountManagement.html): Interface not registered
Line 2824 (AccountManagement.html): Interface not registered



  1. Close the error window and close Libronix.
  2. Click on Start | Run. In Vista and Windows 7 please type cmd in the Start/Search bar and right click on cmd.exe under Programs and select the option to run as Administrator.
  3. Type or copy and paste the line below, then click OK:
    regsvr32 ole32.dll
  4. A message should pop up saying "DllRegisterServer in ole32.dll succeeded." Click OK. (For Windows 98 or ME systems, restart computer.)
  5. Open Libronix and reattempt the synchronization: Tools | Library Management | Synchronize Licenses.