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Error on Line 22 ( 'element.DataType' is null or not an object


This error appears in Libronix version 2.0 when the program opens and the Home Page is attempting to load. 


Line 22 ( 'element.DataType' is null or not an object
Shell: "LDLS-en" [en-US] 2003-05-05T22:16:17Z
Addin: "BibleTools" 2003-06-09T21:12:55Z
IE: 6.0.2800.1106 ;SP1;Q822925;Q330994;Q828750;Q824145;
Windows: XP Home SP1 (5.1.2600.1.0)

Note: You may see different version numbers listed, especially if you are using a localized user interface.

This error is a result of an unregistered dll file, msxml3.dll.


To fix this problem re-register the XML parser by following these instructions:

Go to Start |  Run and paste the appropriate command depending on which operating system you have:
Windows XP and 2000:  %windir%\System32\RegSvr32 MSXML3.DLL
Windows 98 and ME:  C:\windows\system\regsvr32 msxml3.dll

Click OK.

If this has worked, it will say "DllRegisterServer in MSXML3.dll succeeded."  Click OK
Reboot your computer and see if this has fixed your problem.
If you are still having trouble, you can reinstall the parser.  Click on the link below to initiate the installation from the Microsoft website:

MSXML Parser 3.0 Service Pack 7 Release

See Also

For more information on the XML Parser, see the knowledge base article below.  Note that even though Libronix 2.0 uses primarily the XML Parser 4, there are a few components that still rely on version 3 of the parser.

What is the XML Parser and how do I fix it?