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Logos Bible Software: Mac

Libronix Digital Library System Installation

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  • Close all programs and disable anti-virus software..
  • Place your Logos Bible Software CD or DVD in the drive. If you have a set of discs, use the disc labeled "Use First."
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.  Make sure to restart your computer if you are prompted to do so. Leave your installation disc inserted so the installation can continue followng the restart.

Installation does not start automatically?   Autorun may have been disabled on your computer. Go to Start | Run and type X:\Setup (where X is the letter of the drive in which the installation disc is inserted).

Want to install Libronix to a different drive or folder?  Libronix is installed to C:\Program Files\Libronix DLS by default. To change the location select Custom during the installation and chose your preferred location. The new location must include a subfolder. For example, it can be D:\Libronix, but not just D:\.

Possible problems at this stage

Libronix installation does not even start
Internal Error 27XX_regxml.exe when attempting install
1215 character 4 can't move the focus to the control
Error Code 6

Activation and Account Management

After you install the Libronix DLS software you need to complete our free activation process.

  • Double-click the red Libronix icon on your desktop to open the program.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to activate the product. Your serial number is the 20-character code printed on the sticker affixed to the CD or DVD packaging. 
    • If you are updating from an existing Series X collection and you do not receive a serial number, your collection will be unlocked through an email from
  • Some products have embedded serial numbers, in which case you will be prompted to register as a user or to activate the product, but you will not be prompted to enter a serial number.
  • If you are connected to the Internet, choose the Internet option to activate the product. Otherwise, enter the Activation Code, or get a printout to mail to Logos.
  • To ensure that your license file is up-to-date, allow Libronix to synchronize your licenses with our records. This will also make a secure backup of your licenses on the Libronix server. (This process requires Internet connection.)
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to discover resources and copy unlocked books to your hard drive.
    • If you are installing from a DVD, the resource discovery process may take 10 to 20 minutes.
    • This step allows you to use your digital library without the disc in the drive.
  • You can also copy resources using Location Manager. After the disc is inserted and the words "discovering resources" in the lower-right corner have come and gone, go to Tools | Library Management | Location Manager (or click the link in the tip window).  A list of unlocked resources will be generated; click on Copy Resources. Repeat with any remaining discs. 
    • There are no books to copy? Some discs contain locked books only. If you want to be sure you have all of your books unlocked, you can compare the list of books in My Library to the list for your collection on this page.

Possible problems at this stage

The Serial Number is invalid, missing, or registered to another user - call Customer Service at 1-800-875-6467 to resolve this issue.
You are prompted to enter a Serial Number for a product that was unlocked and did not come with one of our 20-character codes.
Certain books will not copy.
Resources already copied are missing from My Library; Location Manager generates same list of resources; Libronix will not stop discovering resources.

Backup Licenses

Backup your licenses immediately after activating your product(s). This will allow you to restore your licenses in the future in case you do not have Internet access and cannot Synchronize Licenses.

  • Insert a 3-1/2" floppy disk, CD-R, USB flash drive, or other type of removable media into your computer. 
  • Go to Tools | Library Management | Backup Licenses. 
  • Select the drive containing the media you just inserted. Click Save.
    • Can't save directly to the media?  Save the Libronix Licenses Backup file to the Desktop, then copy it to the media.
  • Date and label your media, and keep it in a safe place.
    • The license backup is a record of the books you have purchased or unlocked. Back up your licenses to the same media every time you activate or unlock new items, replacing the previous backup file. Or, save to new media, being sure to label it with the current date. To restore licenses to a second computer or a new installation, insert the media, and click on Tools | Library Management | Restore Licenses. Select the correct drive, highlight the file and click the Open button.


  • 500MHz Pentium III (1GHz Pentium III recommended)
  • 192 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)
  • Windows 98/Me/NT4.0(SP6a)/2000/XP/Vista
  • CD-ROM or DVD drive
  • 550 MB hard drive space*
  • 800x600 display (1024x768 recommended)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

 * Libronix DLS gives you the option of copying your book files to your hard drive or running from disc. For optimal results (in terms of speed and convenience), we recommend that you copy all unlocked books to your hard drive. The additional hard drive space required varies by product; approximate numbers are given below:

  • Christian Home Library: 385 MB
  • Bible Study Library: 935 MB
  • Leader's Library: 977 MB
  • Original Languages Library: 1.15 GB
  • Scholar's Library: 1.75 GB
  • Scholar's Library: Silver: 2.45 GB
  • Scholar's Library: Gold: 3 GB
  • Biblioteca de Estudio Bíblico: 400 MB
  • Biblioteca Pastoral Bilingüe: 800 MB
  • Biblioteca Académica Bilingüe: 1 GB

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