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Errors in LDLS with Internet Explorer 7

Condensed Display at Top of Report Windows


Report windows, such as Passage Guide, Exegetical Guide, Bible Word Study, Search Results, etc., open full size but are blank except for a condensed results section at the top, with a scroll bar on the right (as shown below):

Passage Guide with IE7


This is caused by a conflict with Internet Explorer 7. A fix is available in Libronix DLS version 3.0b and later. You can update to the latest version by clicking Tools | Libronix Update and following the prompts. For more information on updating Libronix DLS, see our support article.

Other Problems Related to Internet Explorer 7

You see any of the following errors:

Line 21 (DocumentProperties.html): 'g_objVocabList' is null or not an object

Line 26 (Feedback.html): 'Feedback' is undefined

Line 28 (DocumentProperties.html): 'g_objVocabList' is null or not an object

Line 45 (Feedback.html): 'Feedback' is undefined

Line 74 (GlobalHistory.html): 'GlobalHistory' is undefined

Line 96 (GlobalHistory.html): 'GlobalHistory' is undefined

Line 100 (GraphBibleSearchResults.html): 'BarGraphThemes' is undefined

Line 106 (VocabularyList.html): 'VocabList' is undefined

Line 110 (ConvertGraecaAndHebraicaInWord.html): 'g_objNavigator' is null or not an object

Line 123 (SearchResultsBible.html): Object expected

Line 133 (ConvertGraecaAndHebraicaInWord.html): 'GraecaHebraicaConversionDriver' is undefined

Line 133 (VocabularyList.html): 'null' is null or not an object

Line 137 (VocabularyList.html): 'g_objVocabList' is null or not an object

Line 138 (GraphBibleSearchResults.html): 'BarGraphThemes' is undefined

Line 141 (GlobalHistory.html): 'GlobalHistory' is undefined

Line 145 (StrongsReport.html): Object expected

Line 177 (BibleReadingScheduler.html): Object expected

Line 178 (BibleReadingScheduler.html): Object expected

Line 196 (CopyBibleVerses.html): Object expected

Line 351 (Timelines.html): Object expected

Line 363 (Timelines.html): Object expected

Line 531 (BibleReadingDocument.html): Object expected

Line 538 (BibleReadingDocument.html): Object expected

Line 564 (BibleReadingDocument.html): Object expected

Line 606 (BibleReadingDocument.html): Object expected

Line 648 (ParallelVersesCompare.html): Object expected

Line 757 (BibleReadingScheduler.html): Object expected

Line 926 (GraphBibleSearchResults.html): Object doesn't support this property or method

Line 964 (GraphBibleSearchResults.html): Object doesn't support this property or method

Line 1011 (Tip.html): 'TimeSpan' is undefined

Line 1056 (Tip.html): 'Feedback' is undefined

Line 1077 (ToolsOptions.html): 'Feedback' is undefined

Line 1117 (BibleReadingDocument.html): Object expected

Line 1124 (BibleReadingDocument.html): Object expected

Line 1179 (Tip.html): 'TimeSpan' is undefined

Line 1190 (BibleReadingDocument.html): Object expected

Line 1224 (Tip.html): 'Feedback' is undefined

Line 1230 (ToolsOptions.html): 'Feedback' is undefined

Line 1303 (BibleReadingDocument.html): Object expected

Line 1331 (ToolsOptions.html): Object required

Line 1462 (ToolsOptions.html): 'Feedback' is undefined

Line 1484 (ToolsOptions.html): Object required

Line 1615 (ToolsOptions.html): 'Feedback' is undefined

Line 1878 (PlotSearchMultiple.html): Object expected

Please Note: If you have received a line error that is not listed above please contact Logos Customer Support at (800) 875-6467


These errors are caused by a conflict between Libronix DLS and Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). (They will occur whether or not Internet Explorer is your default web browser.) For details, visit IE7 and Libronix DLS.


These errors are fixed in Libronix DLS 3.0b and greater. For information on upgrading to the latest version of Libronix, click here.

Solution 2

Uninstall Internet Explorer 7. To uninstall Internet Explorer 7 and restore Internet Explorer 6 when using Windows XP or Windows Server 2003:

  1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
  2. Click Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Scroll down to Windows Internet Explorer 7, click it, and then click Change/Remove.