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"America's Godly Heritage" Video Halts During Playback


When the video included in the "America's Godly Heritage" resource, part of the Wallbuilders American Foundations Digital Library, is played, the seek function is not allowed in the media player, and the video stops playing at about the 21-minute mark.


The video file, which became corrupted during production, has been rebuilt. Follow the steps below to download the corrected file.

  1. Close Libronix.
  2. Click this updated America's Godly Heritage video link to download a self-extracting file.
  3. Click Run when prompted (twice). It will download a large 254 MB file, then open a Self-Extractor window.
  4. Click on Unzip to extract the AMGODLYHRTG_LVB.wmv file to the default folder: C:\Program Files\Libronix DLS\Resources\Media. If the current file had been copied to the hard drive, and a prompt comes up to replace it, click Yes or Copy and Replace.