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Some books will not copy

Some books will not copy


Location Manager will not copy certain books from my CD or DVD.


There are various explanations for why books may not copy.  Below are the most frequent reasons:

  • You may not have enough hard drive space.  As indicated in the Location Manager window, the Amount to Copy must be smaller than the Space Available.  Location Manager will not, however, display any other warnings when running low on disk space.
  • The book in question is older than a version you have already copied.  Books that appear unchecked in the Location Manager window are often accompanied by a message stating why they will not be copied.
  • The book file for the resource in question is open in Libronix at that moment.  Before Libronix can update a resource by copying the relevant book file from a CD, the resource must first be closed.  Close the open resource and then reopen Location Manager (Tools | Library Management (or System Tools) | Location Manager).
  • If you are using a version of Libronix that is older than the books you are trying to copy, it is possible that the books will not appear at all in the Location Manager.  To make sure that this is not the problem go to Tools | Libronix Update to see if an updated version is available to download.

If you have tried these steps and still cannot copy books, please contact Logos Technical Support at tech@logos.com or by phone (800) 875-6467.

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Last Updated: 4/20/2012