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Home page search won't work in Asian windows

Home page search does not work in Asian windows


Search entries in the Bible Search text box are red and/or the Passage Guide from the Home page treats scripture references as topics.


Change your regional settings to English. Note that these instructions are based on English Windows. Other languages may be set up differently.

  • Go to Start | Settings | Control Panel
  • Double-click on Regional Options
  • Go to the Input Locales tab
  • Make sure you have English (United States) listed. Add it with the Add button if you need to.
  • In the Hot Keys for input locales box on the bottom you will see the key strokes that will allow you to toggle between the locales. You will want to remember those.
  • Click OK and go back to Libronix and use the appropriate key strokes to change your regional settings.
  • If you are still having trouble, go back to the Regional Options | General tab and change your locale in there as well.

Also, note this from the Microsoft Help file:

You can use a different input locale for each program you use. For example, you can use one input locale to create documents using WordPad and another input locale at the command prompt. To set this up, open the program you want, and then select the input locale to be used for that program. Each time you switch to that program while it is running, the input locale you selected is active. However, once you close the program, you will need to select the input locale again for that program the next time you start it.


Last Updated: 4/20/2012