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Missing Menu in Morris Proctor Video Reference Guide


When the Morris Proctor Video Reference Guide Level 1 CD or DVD is inserted, the main window opens but the menu that provides access to the videos is missing (click on example below).


This is caused by a conflict with Internet Explorer 7.  Follow the steps below to download a fix and play the videos:

  1. Click here to download the self-extracting file and click on Run when prompted.
  2. Click on Browse, select My Documents, and click OK.
  3. Type \MP Video Reference Guide after My Documents in the 'Unzip to folder' path. Click on Unzip. The files will be copied to that folder, and the correct Morris Proctor Video Reference Guide Level 1 menu will appear.  Click Close.
  4. Insert your Morris Proctor disc before playing the videos.

To create a shortcut on the Desktop that will open the corrected menu for future sessions:

  1. Open the \My Documents\MP Video Reference Guide folder that was created above and right-click on the Start.hta file (you may not see the .hta extension). Choose Send To > Desktop (create shortcut).
  2. Right-click on the newly created shortcut, choose Rename, and rename it to "MP Video Reference Guide" (or your preference); press Enter.