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Error Line 203 - Morris Proctor Video Reference Guide in Vista


Clicking on a video title in the Morris Proctor Video Reference Guide menu (Image 1), causes a Line 203 error (Image 2) and the video will not play.


Image 1


Image 2


This is caused by a conflict with Windows Vista. Follow the steps below to download a patch that allows you to play the videos on the disc:

  1. Click here to download the self-extracting file and click on Save when prompted, saving the file to the Windows Desktop. The first time the self-extracting file is run, a folder will be created in the same location which will contain the updated menu files. If you would rather not have these files saved on the Desktop, save the downloaded file to a different location on the hard drive.
  2. Insert the Morris Proctor Video Reference Guide Level 1 CD or DVD and close the menu that opens from the disc if AutoPlay is enabled.
  3. Double-click on MPVRG3DownloadableMenu.exe.
  4. Click on Run when prompted. It will automatically unzip the files that are needed and open the Video Reference Guide Level 1 menu.

Playing the Videos:

The self-extracting file, MPVRG3DownloadableMenu.exe, will need to be run everytime before starting a video reference guide session.

If there is plenty of hard drive space, click on the Save to Computer button on the menu (after running the patch) to copy the videos from the disc to the Program Files folder and place a "MP Video Reference Guide 3" shortcut on the desktop (see Note below). Use this shortcut to open the menu and play the videos without the disc inserted.

'Save to Computer' Note: If User Account Control (UAC) is turned on, the videos will not be copied automatically, because UAC requires permission to copy the files. In this case, you can temporarily turn off UAC (Control Panel | User Accounts--requires restart) to allow the copy process, or you can manually copy the videos to the hard drive.

To manually copy, first click on 'Save to Computer' on the patched menu to create the program folder and place the "MP Video Reference Guide 3" shortcut on the desktop. Then browse the contents of CD 1 and CD2 or the DVD, select all the subfolders in the Data folder, then copy them and paste them into the Data folder under C:\Program Files\Morris Proctor Video Reference Guide 3.

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