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Libronix DLS and Internet Explorer 9

libronix logoInternet Explorer 9 was released on March 14, 2011. This version of Internet Explorer is not compatible with Libronix DLS 3.0g (or any earlier versions). Here’s what you can do to keep using your Logos library in Libronix after Internet Explorer 9 ships. 

1. Upgrade to Logos 4

Logos 4 has been receiving rave reviews since its launch in November 2009, and is frequently updated with new features and improvements. While the best way to take full advantage of the power of Logos 4 is to upgrade your base package, there are other ways you can move to Logos 4 and use your entire Libronix library.

2. Install the patch for Internet Explorer 9

A patch can be installed to allow LDLS3 to work correctly with Internet Explorer 9.

NOTE: Internet Explorer 9 is not available for Windows XP; if you are running Windows XP, the following patch is unnecessary. 

All Libronix users can download the following file here to prevent conflicts with IE9. Unzip the file and run IE9-LDLS3.reg. You will be prompted to give Registry Editor permission to make changes to your computer, then asked if you want to add information to your registry. Select Yes or Continue for all prompts that appear.

Download the patch for Internet Explorer 9

This patch can be applied either before or after IE9 is installed. (If IE9 is not installed yet, the patch won't do anything, but your system will be ready when IE9 is installed via automatic Windows updates.)