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Unspecified Errors in Bible Word Study


The following errors occur when running a Bible Word Study report:

Line 525 (BibleWordStudy.html): Unspecified Error
Line 533 (BibleWordStudy.html): Unspecified Error
Line 1750 (BibleWordStudy.html): Unspecified Error
Line 1757 (BibleWordStudy.html): Unspecified Error

The line numbers above are most common, however, others are possible. The program is likely to become unstable after receiving the error and may crash.


These errors were caused by the Root Words sections in Libronix DLS version 3.0 and were fixed in version 3.0a.

To download the latest version from Libronix, click on Tools | Libronix Update. Or close Libronix and click here.

If you are not able to update right away, try this temporary Workaround:

Collapse the Greek Root Words, Hebrew Root Words, and Translation sections in the report  by clicking the minus(-) sign next to the section headings, so that those sections do not generate automatically. To generate one of the collapsed sections of the report at a later time, click the plus(+) sign next to it. Report sections can also be disabled in Bible Word Study Properties (on the report toolbar).