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1:19 Interface Overview

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Introducing Verbum

This video will guide through a general overview of the new Verbum application, explaining the basic tools and features. This is part of our new Practicum advanced training course.

Note: Verbum & Logos 5

It's worth noting, the new Verbum application is built on the Logos 5 platform. If you've been previously using Logos 5, many of the features and tools should feel very familiar. In fact, most functions in Logos 5 are almost unchanged in Verbum.

If you already have Logos 5 and own a Verbum collection, you can simply switch to "Verbum Mode" by entering the command: Set Verbum to Yes.

More Verbum Training

We're currently working to expand our free Verbum-specific training options. In the meantime, because of the similarities between Verbum and Logos 5, many of the free Logos 5 training materials can be applied to Verbum as well. Suggested below, as a starting point, are a few helpful Logos 5 training topics that are equally applicable in Verbum.