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Installation Guide About Indexing

Updating from Logos 4 to Logos 5 occurs in 2 stages; application updates and resources updates. They do not occur at the same time.

Stage 1: Application Updates

Option 1: Manual Update

To download the application update manually, follow the steps on the installation guide. This will take you through installing Logos 5 directly on top of Logos 4, replacing the previous version.

Installing on a Second Computer? You can use this method to install on all of your allowed, additional computers. To see which computers qualify, please review the EULA.

Option 2: Update from Logos 4

If Logos 4 is already installed on your computer, and you have purchased Logos 5, the update should be made available automatically. Just open Logos 4, and give it a moment to check for updates. You will be prompted when the download begins.

Stage 2: Resource Updates

Once Logos 5 is installed, you will automatically receive a large resource update. This may be several gigabytes, depening on which packages you own. As with previous versions, resource updates should occur automatically, after the application is opened. You can observe their progress by hovering your mouse over the Indexer icon by your computer's clock.

Updates didn't occur automatically?

In some cases, depending on your settings and internet connection, the update may not occur automatically as expected. In this case, we have a command to initiate updates manually:

  • Open Logos.
  • Click into the "Command" field at the top of the main window.
  • Type the following command as applicable:
    • For Application Updates: Update Now
    • For Resource Updates: Update Resources
  • Hit "Enter" and wait for the software to check for updates.
  • Your updates should begin downloading once found.

If you're still having trouble with your update, please contact Customer Service at 1(800)875-6467 or by email at