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What is a Bibliography?

A Bibliography is a detailed list of information of a book used as a reference source. This usually is shown in the footnote area of a Word document when you use Copy Bible Verses or use Copy & Paste.

How to create a Bibliography of all your resources

  1. Go to Tools>Collections>New
  2. Enter a name for your entire library collection in the Title section.
  3. In the Rule box, enter the filter value rating:>= 0.
  4. You should see the number of books in this collection. It should be the same as the number of books in your library
  5. Click on Tools>Program Settings>Citation Styles
  6. Select your preferred citation style for the Bibliography.
  7. Next, click the top left arrow in your bibliography collection and select “Print/Export” from the drop-menu. From here, you can choose how you want to export your bibliography or you can print it.