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Platform / Device

Mac OS X

Operating System

OS X 10.5.8 (or higher)


Logos 4.0+


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4:49 Installing Logos 4

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Installing Logos 4 About Indexing
This article covers information specific to our Mac platform. about Logos 4.
  1. Q: What are the Logos 4 Mac System Requirements?
  2. Q: Will Logos 4 Mac overwrite Libronix for Mac?
    • A: No. Logos 4 is a completely different application from Libronix DLS. It will install alongside of, and will not interfere with, Libronix DLS's functionality.
  3. Q: Can I buy a Logos 4 base package or base package upgrade and use my new books on Logos 3 (Libronix DLS)?
    • A: Yes. The majority of the books in Logos 4 will run on Logos 3 for Windows or Libronix for Mac . However, since Logos 4 books are in a different file format, you will need a separate media-only disk to get the books in the proper file format.
  4. Q: What are my website Login and Password?
    • A: Your web login is the email address you used to register at Your user-created password was entered during the New User registration process. Both email address and password can be changed once you have logged in to your Logos web account.
    • Forgot your password?
    • If you do not remember which address you created your account with, you can email Customer Support or call 1(800) 875-6467.