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OS X 10.9 (or higher)


Logos 6.0 (or higher)


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Report a Problem in Logos for Mac

Creating and submitting diagnostic information for Logos.


I have encountered an Error, Crash or Problem in Logos for Mac and need to report it, or a Support Technician has requested Logos Log Files.
See also: What to do if Logos Crashes

This article also applies to Logos 4 and 5.


Step 1: Download the Utility
  1. Download the Logos Logging Utility zip file.
  2. Open "LogosLogging.zip".
  3. Copy the Logos Logging Utility to the Applications folder.

Step 2: Run the Utility
  1. Open Finder.
  2. Go to Applications.
  3. Open the Logos Logging Utility.
  4. Click the "Enabled" button.

Logos version should match the recognized installed version.

Note: The Logging Utility will not record correctly if Logos is running in the background when you enable logging. You may need to open the Finder: Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor and manually quit the Logos porcesses (Logos Bible Software, LogosIndexer and LogosCEF if present).

Step 3: Recreate the Problem
  1. If Logos is already open, quit and restart it.
  2. Recreate the problem, crash or bug.
  3. Click "Archive Logs" in the Logos Logging Utility.
      If Logos is freezing or "pinwheeling", use the "Sample" button instead.
  4. Save your logs to the Desktop.

Step 4: Make a Report
  1. Visit the Logos 6 Forum.
  2. Click on "Write a New Post".
  3. Put "Bug", "Crash" or "Hang" (Freezing) in the title.
  4. Enter a description of what you were doing when the bug or crash occurred.
  5. Attach your log files from Step 3 using the media button.
  6. Then "Post" your bug report.
    • The Development and Support teams monitor these forums and will be in touch with you as possible. Including "Crash" in the subject will improve visibility.
    • If a Support Technician requested your logs, skip this step and email your logs to that Technician.

Tip: You can also submit your logs when not requested by email or by calling Customer Support at 1(800)875-6467.