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Is Logos compatible with "Mavericks" or "Yosemite"?


Logos is compatible with OS X 10.9 Mavericks and OS X 10.10 Yosemite, but there may be some issues in the OS which can intermittently affect Logos performance under certain network conditions.

OS X 10.9 introduced some changes to how Apple handles WiFi, to support the new A/C band WiFi. This change seems to have also introduced an intermittent bug in how secure connections (HTTPS/Port:443) are handled on WiFi over some WiFi networks.

What does Apple recommend?
For the best WiFi experience in OS X Mavericks, Apple recommends the following:

Why is Logos affected?
Logos communicates user-data over a secure connection to ensure that data is safe and confidential. This includes notes, logins, and any other Logos documents or user preferences, which are transmitted on a background thread as "sync" data. Logos also uses secure connections to transmit other background data, like information on the Home Page and some Guides. Such information is transmitted between Logos and the Logos servers fairly regularly and can sometimes be delayed, interrupted or degraded by this apparent WiFi bug in Mavericks.

Why do I have to Force-Quit Logos in order to close it?
The most noticeable symptom of HTTPS connection instability in Logos, is the inability to quickly quit the Logos application.

While using Logos, several background "sync" or internet jobs may be created, but the secure connection can be interrupted or degraded, preventing them from completing. Logos will attempt to retry these jobs for 5-10 minutes per job, or until the transmission is successful, but the number of threads available is limited.

If there are a lot of jobs waiting, it can take several minutes for the threads to finish and close, which may appear is "freezing" or "pin-wheeling" if the UI (application window) is closed prematurely. As the connection integrity improves, Logos should eventually complete its background jobs and close.

Can this problem be avoided?
Yes! This problem seems to only affect WiFi connections. Plugging into an Ethernet or Thunderbolt cable for internet access will bypass the bug.

This problem occurs "intermittently," so it may not happen every time. It may also occur less often on certain routers or networks. Because this seems to occur at the OS level, we really don't know what all the variables are.

If you are unable to connect to the internet by a cable, and the problem occurs often, you may consider working offline.

  • Go to Tools > Program Settings
  • Set "Use Internet" to "NO"

Warning: Working offline will prevent Logos from backing up your documents and downloading important updates or new resources. If you choose to work offline, we strongly recommend switching this setting and restart Logos at least once a week, to ensure Logos has an opportunity to perform these important online tasks.

Will this issue be fixed?
Because this Logos symptom is caused by an OS bug, we may not be able to resolve it from within Logos, but we're very hopeful that Apple will be able to identify and repair all of the root causes within the OS. Meanwhile, you may have some success by following the suggested solutions in Apple's Forums.

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