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What to do if Logos Crashes or Fails to Open

Troubleshooting an Application Crash in Logos or the Logos Indexer


You receive an error, "Logos Bible Software (or Indexer) quit unexpectedly" or the Logos application closes abruptly while opening or performing a specific task.

Note: It is not recommended to attempt these solutions unless the problem occurs more than once. Sometimes an external variable can cause a "fluke" or one-time crash. These instructions are intended to resolve a recurring issue.

Solution 1: Update Logos

Most "crashes" occur if Logos is out-dated and has not had an opportunity to auto-update. They can be avoided by manually updating or replacing the application file.

  • Quit Logos and open Finder.
  • Navigate to the "Applications" folder.
  • Locate the Logos Bible Software application.
  • Move it to the Trash (does not delete books or index).
  • Download the latest version.

Tip: It is also recommended to run Software Update to ensure your Mac has all the latest updates from Apple.

Solution 2: Verify and Correct Folder Permissions

Some experience nothing seeming to happen after opening Logos, with the exception that the Logos menu will appear, and the word "Untitled" appear when the menu is selected. This is the result of incorrect permissions inside the Home (~) directory, or on the Logos directory or sub-directories. It may be necessary to reset those permissions manually to fix it.

Part 1
  • Open Finder.
  • Click on the "Go" menu at the top of the screen.
  • Hold the Option key for the library option to appear and click "Library".
  • Open the "Application Support" folder.
  • Right-click the "Logos4*" folder and choose "Get Info".
    *Note: Logos still uses a "Logos4" folder, even if you've upgraded to Logos 5 or 6.
  • Make sure that the "Locked" box is unchecked:
    Note: You may need to click the "pad-lock" icon to make changes in this window.
  • Make sure that your user account (e.g. "username (me)") is listed and has "Read & Write" privileges.
  • If your user account is listed, click it and click the "cog" and "Apply to enclosed items..."

Retry the Logos operation that caused the crash, to see if the issue is resolved.

Part 2
  • If your user account was not listed, click the + to add it from a list:
  • Give your user account Read & Write permissions.
  • Click the "cog" and "Apply to enclosed items...":

Retry the Logos operation that caused the crash, to see if the issue is resolved.

Solution 3: Check Font Book for Corrupt Fonts

Logos loads fonts from the Font Book when opening. If an incomplete or corrupt font has been detected, Logos may crash while loading it. Use the steps below to check for and remove bad fonts.

  • Download the MacFontTest Tool.
  • Extract the FontTest application (if it didn't extract automatically).
  • Open FontTest.

FontTest will attempt to load all fonts in the Font Book. If a bad font is detected, an error will be displayed. Delete the last font loaded before the error, then repeat this process until no errors occur.

Solution 4: Report the Problem

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, please visit Diagnostic Logging for Mac to report the issue or Contact Support for further assistance. Including specific steps you took to cause the crash will expedite the troubleshooting process.

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