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Windows Vista SP2+


Logos 5.2+


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Installing Logos 5 About Indexing

Step 1: Download the installer

Installing Logos Bible Software 5 as a download in Windows (Windows 8 demonstrated, but instructions apply to Windows Vista and 7 as well).

Tip: You may wish to check the System Requirements first, to be sure your computer supports the new engine.

Note: If you already have Logos 4 installed, there is no need to uninstall. Logos 5 will automatically detect and upgrade your existing Logos 4 installation.

Step 2: Installation

What to expect during the installation:

  • After clicking the link above, a new download should begin.
  • Choose "Run" and follow the prompts to install the program. If your browser only gives you a "Save" option, click Save and then double click on the file from your download bar or Downloads folder to run the installer.
  • Logos should open automatically after setup is complete. If it did not, you can open the application by double-clicking the Logos Bible Software 5 icon on your Desktop.


Step 3: Sign in to your Account

Now that installation is complete and you have opened the software, you should get a "Sign in" window. Sign in with your email and password (If needed, you can reset your password here).

This is where the software will identify your account and prepare to download your unique library. This includes any additional purchases you've made at and any Libronix DLS products you've activated or unlocked in the past. This also includes any notes, or other saved documents you may have previously created in Logos on another computer or device.

Upgrading from Libronix DLS? If this is your first time installing Logos, and you'v been using Libronix DLS previously, you may want to Synchronize your Libronix DLS licenses before continuing. Just open Libronix DLS and go to Tools | Library Management | Synchronize Licenses and follow the prompts. This ensures all Libronix DLS content is recognized by the Logos server.

Step 4: Preparing your Library

At this point, the newly installed program will start with two automated processes:

  1. Preparing or downloading your library. This process requires internet connection as it is pulling up all of your past licenses and downloading the corresponding book files to your computer's hard drive.
  2. Indexing your library. During this step, no internet connection is required, but the computer must not be turned off or put to sleep until it is complete. For more information about indexing see the indexing training page.

Download & Indexing time will vary according to the size of the library being downloaded and indexed. Please allow extra time for larger libraries.

You will not get full search results until the indexing process is complete.

After indexing is complete, Logos will be completely configured and ready to use. If you need to install to another computer, please repeate these steps on that computer. It is recommended to install to only one computer at a time, to improve download speeds.

If you need further assistance with installation, our Customer Service department would be glad to help. Please call 1(800)875-6467, or email