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This article is written exclusively for Carbonite, but the principles apply to any Online or Offline automated backup service.

Question: Do I need to backup my Logos software?

A: No. Logos Bible Software saves a copy of your books, notes, even layouts, on the server. So there is no need to back up your data through a 3rd party service. In fact, 3rd party backup applications, like Carbonite Online Backup, can actually interfere with Logos, so we recommend asking them to ignore the Logos directory to prevent the problem outline below.


Logos is unable to Open or Update while Carbonite is running:

  • The following error occurs: "Logos Bible Software has encountered a problem and needs to close."


  • Close Logos and any open Error messages or windows.
  • Right-click on the Logos Bible Software icon and select "Open file location".
  • Windows Explorer will open to your Logos folder. In the Address bar, click the "Local" folder as pictured below.

  • In the Local folder, Right-click the Logos folder and from the Carbonite menu, select "do not backup this item".
  • Close all open windows, Carbonite will simply skip to the next folder it needs to backup and Logos should update and run correctly now.

This problem may apply to other "backup" programs. Because Logos creates a backup for you automatically (active internet connection required), there is no need to use a 3rd-Party backup program for your Logos files. You should be able to follow similar steps to disable backup of the Logos folder in other backup programs, but the exact steps may vary.