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Logos 5.0+


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Installing Logos 5 About Indexing

About this Video

Windows 8 introduces a new "Start Screen" for launching applicationsm which you can use to launch Logos Bible Software 5.

If you do not use the "Start Screen", or if you haven't yet upgraded to Windows 8, you can still open Logos 5 through the previous method by opening the icon on your Desktop or Programs list.

  1. From the "Start Screen" click the Logos Bible Software 5 app.
  2. The view will change to the "Desktop" and the Logos application should begin to open.
  3. Alternatively, you if you do not see the app listed, you can simply begin to type the name and Windows 8 will find it for you.
    • Tip: right-click it, and choose "Pin to Start" for easy access later.
  4. If you would like to return to the "Start Screen", tap the "Start" or "Windows" key on your keyboard.
    • You can also use the "Start"+"Tab" to swap between other open applications, like Microsoft Word, etc.