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Logos 5.0+


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An error occurs during and update or installation of Logos 5 saying, "Key not valid for use in specified state." – OR – “Object Already Exists.”


A recent update from Microsoft, “Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB2918614),” seems to conflict with changes made by some 3rd party software and prevents the Windows Installer service from processing installations correctly, including the Logos installer and anything else that uses the Windows Installer service. The underlying error is "1603," a general fault in the installation process.


A long-term solution will need to be found through Microsoft. Hopefully they will release another update which is more compatible with whatever 3rd party software is conflicting – or they may contact he 3rd party vendor to alter the way it causes the conflict. You may wish to contact Microsoft support, your computer administrator, or manufacturer to pursue this option.


A work-around solution has been found. Uninstalling KB2918614 will allow the Windows Installer service to function, but may leave Windows slightly less secure. Proceed at your own risk.

Uninstalling KB2918614
  1. Go to “Start” and search for “Programs and Features”.
  2. A list of installed programs should open. Click the link, “View installed updates” on the left side.
  3. Paste the update ID (KB2918614) in the “Search Installed Updates” field (top-right).
  4. Select the “Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB2918614)” and click “Uninstall”.

Do not restart the computer when prompted. You will need to hide this update first, so Windows doesn’t automatically re-download it.

Hide the Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB2918614)
  1. Go to “Start” and search for “Windows Update”.
  2. Click “Check for updates” to re-check for the uninstalled update.
  3. A Required or Important update should be found. Click the link to view updates.
  4. Right-click on “Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB2918614)” and choose “Hide”.
  5. Restart the computer to complete the process.

You should now be able to run the Windows Installer service successfully, and Logos updates or installations should now work correctly.