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Windows Mac OS X

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Vista SP2 (or higher) OS X 10.6.8 (or higher)


Logos 5.2+


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"I have purchased a new book or package upgrade, but cannot find it in the Library."
"I can't find a book I owned in a previous version of Logos."

Tip: Restart Logos
After downloading a resource or update, Logos must be restarted to install the necessary files and begin indexing. If you haven't restarted Logos yet, try that first.

Tip: Search by Title or Author in "Entire Library"
Before proceeding further, we should also try searching for the missing book by Title or Author. Some resources may not be listed by the name of the collection they were sold under, but they will always be listed by their author and resource title. Also, be sure to set your Collection to "Entire Library". Learn more >>

Solution 1: Update Logos to the Latest Version

Many resources, especially those recently released on prepub, require the current version of Logos 5 or Logos 6. If you already have Logos 5 or 6 installed, check for updates:

  • Open Logos.
  • Click into the "Command Box" at the top of the Logos window.
  • Type "Update Now" and press Enter.

If you have an older version of Logos installed (such as Logos 4 or Libronix), be sure to update to the latest version of Logos before attempting any other solutions.

Solution 2: Check Internet Connection

Logos Bible Software should download resources automatically. If this has not occurred, please verify you have internet access, be sure to check your antivirus and firewall settings, and follow the steps below.

Tip: Using WiFi?
If you connect to the internet wirelessly, consider connecting through an Ethernet cable instead before proceeding. This type of connection is more stable and has fewer variables to compete with.

Check Logos download settings:
  • Go to Tools > Program Settings.
  • Set "Automatically Download Updates" to "Yes".
  • Set the range to "between Midnight and Midnight".
  • Restart Logos and wait for a download to begin.

When downloading begins, we should see the Logos Indexer appear in the System Tray or Apple Menu Bar, by the computer's clock. Hover over the icon to see the current download progress and size.

Your download progress can also be tracked inside the application.
Learn More >>

Solution 3: Verify Login Information

Logos resources are tied directly to a single account. If resources are still not downloading, it may be possible the wrong account is logged in.

Check Logos Account Login:
  • Open Logos.
  • Type "Show About" in the "Command Box".
  • Make sure the "Licensed to:" email address is the same address used to purchase your books.

If the email address in Logos does not match the address used to purchase resources, follow the steps below.

Warning: Multiple Accounts
If you've made purchases with more than one email address, please Contact Customer Service before attempting this solution.

  • Close Logos.
  • Hold down the CTRL key.
  • Open Logos, keeping CTRL held until a "Sign in" option appears.
  • Sign in with the email address used to purchase.
  • Close Logos.
  • Go to Finder > Applications.
  • Hold down the Command key.
  • Open Logos (from Applications), keeping Command held until a "Sign in" option appears.
  • Sign in with the email address used to purchase.

Solution 4: Manually Check Updates

If a resource is still not downloading automatically, follow the steps below to force Logos to check for updates manually.

  • Open Logos.
  • Click into the "Command Box" at the top of the Logos window.
  • Type "Update Resources" and press Enter.

Watch for the words "Checking for updates" in the top-right corner of the program (Mac: bottom-right). Wait for this message to disappear. This may take several minutes and the program may seem unresponsive while checking. Please do not attempt to use Logos during this process. After checking, a download should begin and you will be prompted to complete the process by restarting Logos.

Solution 5: Look for Hidden Resources

Finally, if you have ever Hidden Resources from Logos on any computer, it will remove those titles from the Library and your Search results from Logos on every computer you use. To restore hidden resources:

  • Click Tools>Program Settings.
  • Scroll the bottom, and click to expand the "Hidden Resources" section.
  • To remove resources from Hidden Resources list, hover over the title, and click the X to the right.
  • Restart Logos for the changes to take effect. Un-hidden resources will be downloaded and restored to your Library.

For more help with downloads and updates, visit or Contact Support.