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Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament based on Semantic Domains

Introducing Louw-Nida Numbers

The Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament based on Semantic Domains, commonly referenced as simply "Louw-Nida," provides information about a word based on its semantic domain or context. Rather than an alphabetical listing of dictionary definitions for all forms, it provides a listing of topics and sub-topics, by contextual meaning and lists the words that apply to that meaning.

Think of the difference between a bear (the animal), and to bear a burden. We often use the same word for completely different meanings. So did the Greeks. Louw and Nida have provided us with a lexicon of meanings to help us determine the difference, each one individually numbered for easy reference.

Accessing Louw-Nida

Louw-Nida definitions can be found in several places in Logos, like Interlinear Bibles, Exegetical Guides and Bible Word Studies, to enhance your study with contextual background meaning.

Interlinear Bibles

To view Louw-Nida numbers in an interlinear New Testament, toggle the interlinear display method of your choice (explained here).

To access Louw-Nida search functions from an interlinear, right-click the desired word and select "Louw-Nida" from the right side of the context menu, then select the desired search function from the left side of the menu. The interlinear display does not need to be turned on in order to access the context menu entry, but does make it easier to see which words contain Louw-Nida numbers.

Exegetical Guides

In an Exegetical Guide's "Word by Word" section, you will find Louw-Nida entries in the list of lexicons for each word. This list is affected by resource priority, so it may not appear immediately if too many other lexicons are promoted above it. To change this, promote Louw-Nida or click the "more >>" link.

It's worth noting, Louw-Nida does not cover all words in the New Testament and will not appear with words not contained in the lexicon. Clicking the "Louw-Nida" link in the list will open Louw-Nida to the full entry.

Bible Word Studies

When performing a Bible Word Study on a Greek Lemma, applicable Louw-Nida entries will be listed in the "Lemma" section, similar to the Exegetical Guide. Clicking the "Louw-Nida" link in the list will open Louw-Nida to the full entry.