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Note: This article builds on information already discussed in previous articles. If you get stuck, please review the Introducing the Library Series.

Using "Find" to Filter the Library

We previously discussed Using "Find" to Search for Resources. Now, let's combine terms with the search modifiers "AND", "ANDNOT" & "OR" to narrow the results.

To perform complex (Boolean) searches in the Library: enter a term, then a modifier (in ALLCAPS), and another term.

For example:
Use "type:Bible AND lang:English" to list all English Bibles.

Tip: Boolean searches can be as complex as necessary, to achieve the desired result, by adding additional search modifiers and terms.

Example: type:Bible OR type:Commentary AND lang:English ANDNOT myTag:rating<4

Selecting Multiple Resources

The Logos Library allows selecting multiple resources and performing bulk actions, like modifying ratings and editing tags. To do this, select a resource (be sure to click the row, not the title) and hold the SHIFT key to select adjacent resources. To select are non-adjacent resources, hold the CTRL Key (Mac: Command Key).

With multiple titles selected, click the Resource Information button to perform bulk actions, like "Open all," adding or clearing tags and adding or clearing ratings. We can also use this method to create a custom "Series".

Note: A "Series" will only work for books that share the same reference index and do not overlap. For example, NAC: Galatians and Pulpit Commentary: Romans both use Bible References and they do not cover the same passages. The Bible Knowledge Commentary covers the entire Bible, Genesis-Revelation, so it cannot be combined with other commentaries in a series; it would overlap.

Hiding Resources from Library & Searches

We've searched and filtered the Library to find resources, but we can also hide unwanted resources. Hidden resources are not visible in the Library or in Searches and will be deleted from the Hard Drive until they are un-hidden. Let's use the "Hide Resource" function to hide a resource.

  • Select a Resource to hide by clicking its row.
    For example, we may choose to hide the KJV Apocrypha if we're not interested in Apocryphal books.
  • Hold CTRL (Mac: Option) and right-click the blank space beside the title.
  • Select "Hide this resource" from the menu.
  • Restart Logos to complete the process.

Tip: Be sure to click the row, not the title. Clicking the Title or Cover Image will open the resource.

Restore Hidden Resources:

Hiding resources isn't permanent. We can un-hide them in the Program Settings panel.

  • Go to Tools > Program Settings.
  • Expand the Hidden Resources section (at the bottom).
  • Hover the mouse over the title and click the "X".
  • Restart Logos to re-download the resource.

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