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To import your notes/highlighting/favorites/prayer lists from Libronix Digital Library System (LDLS or "Logos 3") into Logos 4 and 5, follow the directions below.

Note: These steps must be done on a Windows computer, but successfully imported content will sync from Logos on a Windows computer to Logos on a Mac.

Step 1: Preprare your Logos 3 Notes

We highly recommend you download this Custom Toolbar for LDLS, before importing your LDLS content, as resources may have changed (corrected typos, new hyperlinks, etc.) causing the previous notes to migrate to incorrect locations in the updated resource.

    Download the Notes Update Tool
  1. On your computer with LDLS installed, Download the Custom Toolbar and save it to your "[MyDocuments]\Libronix DLS\CustomToolbars" folder.
    If this folder does not exist, create it. Do not use a space in "CustomToolbars"
  2. Open LDLS, and click the newly added "Update Notes Now" button.
  3. This may take some time. When it finishes, continue to Step 2.
Don't have LDLS installed? You can still import your LDLS content, as long as your "Libronix DLS" folder is still in your [My Documents] folder, but your notes may not line up correctly if they haven't been updated.

Step 2: Importing Documents to Logos

Open Logos and type "Import All" into the Command bar at the top of the program window, then press Enter. Logos will now import your LDLS content. If you are importing a lot of LDLS content, it may appear to freeze for several minutes. Please do not interrupt this process.

If you prefer to use only some of your user-created content in LDLS, only notes for example, there are commands for a more specific import.

    Additional Commands:
  • Import Notes - Imports only notes.
  • Import Highlighting - Imports only highlighting.
  • Import Favorites - Imports only favorites.
  • Import Prayer Lists - Imports only prayers.
  • Import Passage Lists - Imports verse lists (now called Passage Lists).
  • Import delete (All/Notes/Highlighting/Favorites/Prayer Lists) - Deletes all imported content of the specified type.
  • Import Sermon Files - Imports Libronix DLS sermon notes created with "Sermon File Addin". Click here for more information.

Optional: Managing Imported Content

Content imported into Logos remembers that it was imported. It can be removed with the command "Import Delete X" (where "X" is one of the content types above). If you import content twice, previously imported content will be skipped, allowing you to import the same content type multiple times without duplication. However, once you edit a note or imported item, it will no longer be considered imported and may be duplicated when importing items again. For this reason, it is recommended to import as much LDLS content as possible at the same time, then work on it exclusively in the newer program, instead of making changes in LDLS and importing the same content types multiple times.